Service Oriented Architecture

A Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural pattern in computer software design in which application components provide services to other components via a communications protocol, through the network. The principles of service-orientation are independent of product/ technology. The pace of new business projects continues to enhance growth from customer self-service to seamlessly connecting all customer back office and in-the-field applications. There is an urgency to mobile-enable existing applications, integrate with the cloud, and begin development on the latest trend of connecting the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to existing infrastructure.

We are aligned to deliver services offerings using Oracle Service Oriented Architecture Suite. It is an integrated suite of products that helps rapidly design, build, deploy and manage a highly agile business. Oracle SOA delivers faster time to integration, scalable, increased productivity and lower TCO. Oracle SOA has extensive connectivity layer, enable connectivity to any virtual data sources within and outside the enterprise and is capable of integrating the cloud and mobile apps.

We team Ashwath Technosys provides an ideal approach to SOA integration. Our consulting approach from inception to customization get customer business up and running, stable and faster. Our SOA services are cost-effective and increase ROI with flexible and improved delivery. We follow SOA best practices to enforce and ensure high quality of service.

SOA Services Offerings:

  • SOA consulting services from inception to customization
  • SOA based B2B application integrations
  • Enhance service enablement of systems using Oracle SOA framework