Data Warehousing

Today, organizations rely on Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) platforms to deliver actionable, timely, and trustworthy intelligence. It is a robust, secure, and proven ecosystem that supports integration with data models and security frameworks, real-time analytics, automation, and a broad range of Business Intelligence (BI) and visualization tools.

Data warehousing technology organizes and aggregates analytical data from various functional domains and serves as a critical repository for organizations’ operations. It delivers new use cases that include real-time analytics, operational intelligence, customer analytics to improve customer experience, and the Internet of Things (IoT) analytics to improve operational efficiency. It offers in-database analytics, predictive models, and embedded business algorithms to drive business decisions.

We team Ashwath Technosys has developed talent and high skills around Data Warehousing and BI to leverage the full power of information access technologies for customers complete and continuous visibility. Our consulting professionals provide technical and business expertise to deliver successful projects involving data warehousing. We offer technology services using the following tools:

Extract Transform and Load (ETL) Technologies

  • Informatica Power Center
  • Database Administration Console
  • Oracle Data Integrator