Big Data Analytics

Big Data describes a holistic information management strategy that includes and integrates many new types of data and data management alongside traditional data. Big Data Analytics allows customers to use sophisticated statistical algorithms and leverage computing power to explore, analyze and understand the data. To generate insights for it & to discover hidden patterns that once understood customer will be able to make better decisions for their business. Big Data is defined as:

Volume: This indicates the amount of data, more data that companies have been collecting through one/ many sources from social media, market and transactional systems, which might be in tens of terabytes, and hundreds of petabytes. Such data requires processing high volumes of low-density, unstructured data (Hadoop) and it must be converted into valuable information

Velocity: This indicates the speed at which data is received and timely acted upon. The highest velocity data normally streams directly into memory versus being written to disk. Internet-enabled smart products operate in real time or near real time. Operationally, mobile apps have heavy network traffic, and the expectation for immediate response is important

Variety: New, unstructured and semi-structured data types like text, audio, video require additional processing to both derive meaning and the supporting metadata. Complexity arises when data from a known source changes without notice. Systems has enormous burden to handle such variety of data.

Value:Data has intrinsic value. There is a range of quantitative and investigative techniques to derive value from data—from discovering a consumer preference or sentiment, to making a relevant offer by location, or for identifying a piece of equipment that is about to fail. The technological breakthrough makes much more accurate and precise decisions possible. However, finding value also requires new discovery processes involving clever and insightful analysts, business users, and executives.

We team Ashwath Technosys, along with our expert consultants and data scientists are aligned to offer services using Big Data (Hadoop framework) to help customers at:

  • Profit and Loss Management and Optimization
  • Forecasting (Inventory / Demand / Sales)
  • Product / Store / Supplier Classifications
  • Market Mix Modeling (price and promotion optimization)
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Cross Selling/ Upselling Analysis
  • Risk Analysis (Credit Risk)
  • Customer Churn / Attrition Analysis